Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Shirt Off His Back..... Aaron Lee Smith

Besides incredible mountains (it is the Mountain State), the coal industry and white water rafting, West Virginia has a rich political history. On June 20th, 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared the northwestern portion of Virginia to be returned to the Union, and West Virginia became the 35th state. I think at some point in the future West Virginia might also be known as the home of Aaron Lee Smith.

On the surface 34 year old Aaron Lee Smith fits the country boy stereotype to a T. This first series of shots (from Hunter Shelton) showcases more than just Aaron's amazing chest. Fields, hay, ripped jeans, t-shirt, no shirt at all, in this series of shots, Hunter captures the 'country boy' look to perfection. But like with most stereotypes, there is much more to Aaron Lee Smith.

Aaron keeps in shape by lifting weights and usually keeps working out until they kick him out of the gym. Aaron always tries his best and says he would give almost anybody in need the shirt off his back. Although he loves his home State, Aaron is looking to view new horizons beyond those West Virginia mountains, This creative soul says a future move might be coming down the road.

'I love music, writing and learning something new. I practice positive affirmations and maintain an open mind and keep an open heart.'
Aaron Lee Smith

Aaron is a person who believes that anything is possible. This positive attitude has served Aaron well. While some modelling agencies seem for some reason to have an affinity for 16 year olds with mannequin type bodies, Aaron, at 33 recently signed his first 2 year contract with a Modeling Agency. (Directions USA). I am not sure what took so long as Aaron's great face, amazing body and attitude certainly command attention. I respect Aaron sticking with it and am sure positive things will follow with the right exposure.

'This experience came to fruition through the power of positive thinking and the separation from a negative past. If you believe in yourself....so will everyone else.'

You can check out more of Aaron's work on ModelMayhem HERE:

Each of the incredible shots above by Hunter Shelton

Below: Aaron by C.S King.

Below: Aaron by Julian Vankim
Check out my profile last month on FH of Julian's work HERE:

Remaining images from Robert Mercer of Fashion Enterprises 3
-Aaron was a part of Robert's Ripped Genes calendar which you can find more about at the link above.


PaulD said...

Ohhh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

Red hair, fair skin & ripped hairy chest are flaming hot.

Anonymous said...

He is pretty AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

"country boy" my ass!!! i know Aaron and he is a city boy through n through.

TyeBriggs said...

"country boy" was a description for the shots, not necessarily the model.

Anonymous said...

Would fuck them bones!