Friday, July 1, 2011

Canadian Back Bacon: Shawn Roberts

I have profiled so many great Canadian talent on FH including this post from June 2008 on actor Shawn Roberts.

Canadian actor Shawn Roberts should be in the dictionary next to the word hunk. Shawn actor has done the rounds of Canadian television on shows such as Degrassi, Goosebumps, Wild Card and Falcon Beach . Shawn has also had some smaller roles in movies such as X-Men, Get Over It, Skinwalkers and Jumper. Shawn got a lot of attention for his scene naked and tied to a bed in National Lampoon's Going the Distance. Certainly a hot scene, and a great actor worth looking out for.

Shawn in 'National Lampoon's Going the Distance'


Anonymous said...

According to a lot of buzz going around the net, this hunk's actually in a rock solid relationship with some undercover Miami author named Frederick M. What a surprise take he'd be taken off the market.

Anonymous said...

You've heard correctly. Our little Shawn Roberts is paired up with this Frederick author dude guy. All the more power to them in my opinion.