Saturday, February 25, 2012

And The Winner is....Quinn Christopher Jaxon By Carl Proctor

Although there wasn't a vote, stats were taken. Ever since Blogger began allowing Blog Owners to view stats for their blogs in 2009 it has been fascinating to see what posts attract the most views. The to posts are not necessarily favorites but they are the stories that brought people onto the blog either via a search or a link.

Last year, all things Benjamin Godfre related brought in tons of of hits. I was fortunate to be a step ahead of the Benjamin bandwagon by having the support of photographers Jon Seneca and Carl Proctor to showcase their work with Ben on FH. Both features blew hits through the roof and were near the top of the stat list for 2011. Although early into 2012, there is already one story that has blasted past the rest to have made the top 10 features clicked on of all time.Theatrical: Quinn Christopher Jaxon by Bacchus Stuart has been the top post clicked on thus far this year and it's numbers may be difficult to challenge.

There is something about Quinn Christopher Jaxon that is attracting a lot of attention! There is something about Carl Proctor's work that always delivers! So...given this is the day of awards let's enjoy it by taking a little time to enjoy Carl's recent shoot with Quinn!

'Quinn is a lot of fun to work with and very personable. Very outgoing and obvously totally uninhibited!'
Carl Proctor

You can see more of Carl's work with Quinn on his website HERE:
Check out more of Quinn on ModelMayhem HERE:


jackscribe said...

Thanks for the Quinn posts. I just recently stumbled across this gorgeous guy while watching the Andrew Christian wet underwear video. His personality in the videos and pictures is infectious.

Brent said...

My eyes are fastened on all that trim muscle body and face. Would love to massage him!

Bobby F said...

Quinn...AGAIN! Yes! Thank you for bringing back more of his pics. :-) He's one of my faves from the last year.

Chubbear426 said...

Quinn is hot as hell for sure, and I think those Andrew Christian videos and his on time on Randy Blue has made many fans

Anonymous said...

I love those pics too and noticed Quinn on where his stage personna is really obvious beyond his incredible good looks ! I was thrilled to see that his has done some XXXpics on Manhunt too ! Would of course love to see him in a movie...