Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pierre Jean: Préféré's

'As a photographer, I am interested in how the relationship between the camera and the model can capture an essence that transcends plain portraiture. I am also interested in abstract "bodyscapes". I like to work with uninhibited models open to exploration.'


'I took up this hobby a couple of years ago trying to make images that I felt could bring some original perspective on photography of the male body. It was great to find the site modelmayhem as it allowed me to connect with wonderful models to work with. I like to do more than one shoot with models that have good energy with me. I am happy also to be able to share the results on that site.'
Pierre Jean


When choosing some of my favorite shots from Pierre Jean's portfolio I was thrilled to see images of so many of my favorite models, many of whom I have profiled on FH in the past. Here are some of my favorite shots, check our more and choose your favorite on Pierre's ModelMayhem Page HERE:



Stefan previously on FH


Samuel Boux

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