Friday, September 14, 2012

Exhibiting Bad Behaviour

Above: Pierre Fitch

Award Winning Photographers, Ross Brownsdon and Travis de Jonk, love creating sexy and thought provoking images as part of their artist bent, Bad Behaviour Boys! The Melbourne based artists have been working independently and collaboratively since 2003, creating editorial and fashion editorial images for numerous publications, as well as work for exhibition. Ross and Travis have worked with various celebrities and publications and as official photographers for among others, The Melbourne OutGaymes 2008, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Rawhide Entertainment and Rogue Dance Parties and Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championships. The independently initiated and funded photographic project BAD BEHAVIOUR & MISS BEHAVIOUR images and calendar series have led to international success, selling all over the world and scoring the photographers critical acclaim.

We all know there is something about a bad boy. Like a moth to a flame, we want to get closer even though we know we will end up scorched. A walk on the wild side, a date with sinister. Ross and Travis skillfully taps into this universal and primal urge with intense and colorful images both dark and erotic, dangerous and delicious. Part of experiencing a lived life is occasionally giving in to these urges, diving into things and places you know you shouldn't. I often question those people who say they have no regrets. Some of the things that I regret most have ended up being the most intense and powerful moments of my life. They may not all have been my finest moments, but they are the experiences that have defined who I now am more than any other.


'Hailing originally from Perth, Australia, this part time cocktail specialist, bar boy, dancer, model and gym bunny is such a great friendly guy, and not surprisingly attracts everyone's attention (both male and female) where ever he goes. What we really love about him is how proudly he embraces his 'gingerness' - and so he should! How gorgeous is he!? We first met him through Justin (our model from last week's post, who loves ginger men). We were instantly drawn to him, and were lucky enough to get him in the studio, pretty much straight off the boat from Perth.'


'Blake is a 23yr-old caravan builder by day, he is also a regular natural bodybuilding competitor with an equally natural inclination for entertaining those around him at his night job - as a highly in demand stripper. During our hour long shoot, came alive with such openness and sexual magnetism.! This sexy Melbourne lad has a hot chiseled body to die for and he's certainly not afraid to use it. Coupled with his cute boy-next-door looks, and a disarmingly charming personality we just know he is destined for a bright future of breaking hearts!'


'Luke has always been captured by all the creative world has to offer. And so he is also no stranger to being in front of the camera. During our recent visit to Sydney, we were stoked when he made some time to shoot with us. He was so wonderfully enthusiastic and experienced that we got so much done in just a couple of hours. Can you imagine what we will end up doing when we get him in the studio? We can't wait to work with him again!'


'We LOVE Mathew Mason, and are huge supporters of this brave and sexy man who champions sex, sexuality and 'taking life by the balls and making your dreams come true'. We find him such a great model to work because of his fearlessness in front of the camera, and that he always brings fresh and fun ideas to the table. He also understood what Ross and I were doing with Bad Behaviour and was a big supporter of us from the beginning.'


'With an amazing face, killer body and awe inspiring moves, Favian is one of those guys that is simply impossible to miss in a crowd. And then he takes his shirt off to reveal THAT tattoo - XMEN fans will recognise it as the Phoenix. A rough and tough looking exterior is really cover for a deeply creative, dedicated and passionate artist who takes his craft very seriously. He performs in a number of break dancing groups competing nationally. Something else he takes quite seriously is sneakers - This sexy man has one of the biggest collection of sneakers we have ever seen! Most of them are pristine and take up a specially made closet in his home.'


Bobby F said...

WOW! Pierre Fitch! I am not a fan of tattoos, at all, but I love it so much when he goes completely smooth nose to toes. What a body, even if he marks it up. :-)

JiEL said...

Well, when I'll encounter Pierre Fitch I'll tell him...

I'm in Montréal and he lives in my neighborhood...
I saw him often in the past ....

He is quite cute in person...Not a tall boy but so handsome..

PS. I also saw him in a bar with Ralphs Woods too....