Thursday, November 15, 2012

Magnified: The Photography of Stanley L. Moore

'When I was nine I saved coupons and sent away for my first camera, a simple box using 620 roll film. So began a lifelong interest in making pictures. As technology changed I progressed to Instamatic, 35mm, medium and large format, and finally to digital. But PHOTOGRAPHY remained. 55 years on I continue my passion.'
Stanley L. Moore

If your a fan of the male form in photography, you most likely have enjoyed images of model Nick Wolanski. Nick has been featured on FH several times over the past several years. (HERE:) When I recently saw an image of him, standing in front of a doorway, wearing nothing but dog tags around his neck, I knew I wanted to find out more about the person behind the lens. Most of the photographers whose work of Nick I have used before were based in the UK, but these shots were shot a little closer to home by Houston photographer Stanley L Moore.

Stanley L Moore photographs men. Yes I know, all of the photographers I profile shoot men, but not all of them have matured so beautifully into their masculinity as the men Stanley shoots. This maturity is not about age, it is more organic, almost primal in nature. It is more strength and power, muscle and testosterone based. Physique Photography, the shooting of body builders, athletes and fitness models was really part of the birth, and a huge part of the history of capturing the male form. As time goes on, there seem to be fewer and fewer photographers who have physique as their focus. It is really a distinct area of focus, with style and fashion secondary to overall presentation of the body and muscle definition.

It is always interesting to find out about the other jobs the artist I profile have had. I think Stanley L. Moore is my first chemist. His background is scientific. In addition to photography, Stanley loves all things scientific; astronomy, physics, chemistry and biology. Science, like photography, requires great detail and a high degree of precision. Both are made that much more challenging for the artist due to him being partially blind.

'I lost my right eye in a childhood accident. My left eye has had numerous problems the last five years or so. First cataracts, then several retinal detachments with consequent eye surgeries, the latest just in October. I am unable to drive due to poor vision and photography can be difficult. But auto focus cameras help me to keep on photographing. I must use a magnifier to see the screen on my camera and editing is a challenge. Having one eye means I cannot see 3D so flat photographs come naturally to me as that is how I see the world.'

Not that Stanley is complaining, he believes you have to deal with what life gives you. The artist is very happy that he is still able to indulge in his passion for photography.

'I am just a retired guy who like to make photographs of muscular men.'

Stanley L. Moore on ModelMayhem

Below: Nick Wolanski

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