Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nohea Dunn: A Creative Collide

Last month I first featured the work of Austin photographer Ken from Nohea Dunn. In that profile, I focused on Ken's work with Chez (The Guy With The Camera). Whenever I work on a first piece with a photographer, the first decision is usually whether to focus on one model, or a selection of images.

Depending on the artist, sometimes there are pros and cons to each choice. With one model, it can sometimes be easier for me to focus in on a theme, that quality about the work, often that comes from one image, that first drew me to contact the photographer. Sometimes, a theme or pattern emerges and using a variety of different models, from different shoots, best showcases an artists work.

Choosing to focus on Ken's work with Chez meant having to lose using other of my favorite images. Ken's work with Nate (first and Shane (below) were also some of my favorites. Ken's generosity however meant support for a follow-up so none of my favorite images had to be left out!

'Nate is probably one of my favorites to shoot since he just models occasionally and really has fun modeling. Just a great guy. I especially like the parachute photos of him with another model behind, the shots of him on his bike, and the fur blanket. I took that fur blanket to the shoot just as a "maybe" - gave it to him and told him to just have fun. I took hundred of photos that night and really like some of the images.'
Nohea Dunn

Above: Nate

Below: Shane:

Both Nate, (a tri-athlete) and bodybuilder Shane obviously take great care of their bodies. Shane has a passion for staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle and has been both modeling and acting for about 10 years. Ken say, and I concur that the local model has one of the best asses in the Lone Star State.

The parachute photos of Nate, and the mannequin shots (below) with Shane are visually great examples of the creativity I love within Ken's work. It is the creative process Ken loves most about his work and when the right photographer experiments creatively with a great model and an interesting or new concept, the results reflect the beautiful collision of idea with skill and artist.

Nohea Dunn on ModelMayhem

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