Monday, January 20, 2014

Blonde, James Blonde

Blonde, James Blonde

When I recently revisited my post featuring Robert J. Guttke's images of Drew, I was reminded of his role in the 2006 Muscle Impossible. Of course, extensive research was required. Drew played James Blonde in the flick which could have just as easily been made in the late 80's or early 90's with it's look, acting and set. Other characters in the movie include Safe Cracker, Smooth Operator and Explosives Expert.

The movie is fun, and a nice contrast to most of what else is out there. Fun, and for 2014, almost innocent. It is sort of a throwback to the days of Playgirl as each of the eight cast members gets a four or five minute strip & dance introduction before the action begins. The movie, available from Sharpshooter isn't strong on plot, but that's really not the point.. It's mostly just 85 minutes of beautiful male nudity. Four good guys and four bad guys running around a building completely naked. Lots of close ups, not of faces but of body parts. The good guys pass out from gas, then are tied up only to escape to end up in one of the silliest naked rumbles ever to be filled. All and all, a pretty bad flick but you know what, I kind of enjoyed it!

The actors are all good looking, and all completely nude, pretty much throughout. There are no sexual interactions, but a fair bit of touchy feely just to let you know who the film was made for. It is retro fun and sort of takes me back to a time when we were all younger and our fantasies and dreams were a bit more innocent. A time where dreaming of eight hot men running around naked was enough to make a good nights sleep complete. If you think you might enjoy it check out Muscle Impossible, check out my clip below and see more and find out how to order HERE: & HERE:


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So bad it's good!