Friday, January 24, 2014

Sign Of Strength: Donald By Carl Proctor

'Donald's interest in modeling gives us the pleasure of viewing his lean, defined physique and that great smile of his.'

Donald Solley is a 25 year old model from Orlando Florida who Carl Proctor calls an all-American boy-next-door guy, who also happens to be a professional athlete and motocross addict. One of the best, and one of my favorite photographers Carl Proctor, captured these images, and Donald's incredible smile in Florida this past December.

The longer I work on FH, the more I am impressed with the ability of models and the skill of artists, who are able to capture a true smile. Most of us have a 'show' smile, that camera smile we put on when we are asked to smile for a image or family photo. Every once in awhile though, I will see a picture of myself where the smile looks real, the happiness genuine. Those few times are not about my ability or skill to put it on, they are based on the capturing of true moments of joy that could not be put on or faked.

When I see a face, and a great smile like Donald's, I connect it to an inner strength that is not created for the camera, but instead, a natural piece of the model being photographed. For so long it seemed smiling was almost frowned upon in the shooting of the male form. It was though a smile was seen as a weakness instead of sign of strength and confidence as beautifully demonstrated by Donald.

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Bobby F. said...

He is so pretty and I love that smile.