Sunday, February 9, 2014

In A Perfect World: Joey Suarez by Cibo Photography

'The creative process I go thru on a shoot improves greatly working with a model like Joey Suarez'

Most readers of FH know my passion for the use of windows within photography of the male form. So... when I saw the incredible image of model Joey Suarez above, I knew I wanted to find out a bit more about the model, and the artist who captured Joey, so beautifully capturing the view.

San Antonio photographer Cibo states he specializes in sensual male images which appeal to the men and women who love men. Many artists use the term sensual, but not all of them successfully blend it within their images as exquisitely as Cibo is able to. In order to capture the sensual essence of a subject, you have to focus as much on a model's soul as you do their specific body parts. The emotion comes not from how big, toned, or tanned a particular body part looks but instead, how the model's body, their eyes in particular, are able to channel the photographers vision. Cibo loves working with all models regardless of experience but says there is often a fluidity to the creative process when working with an experienced model like 21 year old Joey Suarez that improves the end creative result exponentially as well as often being economically more efficient.

'I love working with new models for sure, but it may take more than one session to really get solid images. In a perfect world they would all be like Joey Suarez in terms of being an absolute professional. I think Joey is a major talent. He just has finished a new music video, he has acted in films, writes and performs his own music and regularly sings and dances in live musicals. Joey is a busy guy an in my opinion I consider him an exceptional model to work with.'

Joey's experience in front of the camera comes from years of training and hard work in order to seamlessly channel the complexities of emotion through whatever art form he working within. A professionally trained actor, pianist, vocalist, dancer, and music director Joey is able to use skills from one area to compliment and improve another. Artists, singers and dancers especially, often have an ability to create through movement, pose and emotion some of my favorite, and most memorable captured moments. Joey perceives each skill and profession as a piece of the another and utilizes new experiences and talents to improve, and learn more about, the ones he has already embarked on.

Joey Suarez on ModelMayhem & Facebook

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i really like the last picture. i can feel that moment, the surrounding, the quietness of the environment, etc.