Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rufescent Reid

Playgirl: Discovery, June 1993
A Dreamy Wake-Up Call - Reid Hutchin (credited as Reid DeWitt).
Photographs by Sebastiana Marko

Last week's post about the book Red Hot had me thinking about the origins of my love of red hair. I remember my first real life crush, it was Colin, who I wrote about earlier in the spring. (Russet) I can't be certain, but I think the first time I saw a red haired hunk, either or television or in print, one whom was meant to illicit desire, was Reid Hutchins.

Reid's first outing in Playgirl, back in 1993, was the first time I remember seeing a man with red hair as the object of lust and desire, and not just the comic relief. Red's long flowing locks were a sight behold, with a body which more than kept up with the strength of his hair. Reid went on to appear in Playgirl several more times over the years, (which I will post soon) but in addition to changing his last name, he cut his long gorgeous locks and changed the the color. (at least on his head...) Reid's hair seemed to get blonder with each new pictorial, but thankfully he left the hair on the rest of his body, it's beautiful natural colr.

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