Sunday, January 24, 2016

Quaternate: MStyles

MStyles was one of a trio of photographers whose work I was introduced to when putting together a feature back in 2011. (the two others, Gordon Nebeker and Richard Rothstein) The focus of the story was a dancing musician, who later went on to become a spiritual guru of sorts, who decided he wanted to spread more than just his ass across the world of the web. Although I was sad to lose the piece, I am forever grateful for the introduction to three such diverse and extraordinary artist.

The work of New York's MStyles always packs not just an erotic punch, but an emotionally visual one as well. I especially love the artists Apartment Project, which takes an intimate look into the lives, and homes of the men he is shooting. For some reason, winter seems to consistently draw me back to MStyles work. There is a melancholy that often comes over me on a cold January day that connects so beautifully to the images. No better time than, to look back at MStyles work on FH.

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