Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 17th

Patrick Tarpey by Suntown Photography
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Happy Birthday today August 17th

Taxi Driver (1976)

Happy 74th to actor Robert De Niro!

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Raging Bull (1980)

Novecento (1975)

A Buffed Brad

I was disappointed to hear The Middle is ending after this season. It's had a good run, but the consistently under the radar sit-com to me, is one of the best currently airing on network TV. Well written, great characters and great heart at the center of the show, and the family. It may not have gotten the ratings nor the EMMY love of that a show like Modern Family has garnered, but it is equally deserving.

One of my favorite characters has always been Brad, played to perfection by Brock Ciarlelli. Brock posted his new buff look on his Twitter this morning, the result of the Whole30 diet. I always thought Brock looked great in and out of his wresting tights, but he is now officially ripped! Hopefully The Middle will write Brad a love interest in the shows final season.

Peeled Plaid: Patrick Tarpey by Suntown Photography

The last time I featured Suntown Photography's work with model Patrick Tarpey, they were tromping through the Woodlands. (The Grove) After spending his day naked posing with evergreen's and posing on moss and grass, the London based model required needed a hot shower, and a steaming cup of tea. (Steeped)

Suntown remembered how much I loved his shots of Patrick, and also knowing how much I love a great reveal, sent on a few shots from his recent shoot with Patrick. For this shoot, Patrick kept his clothes on, at least for the first part of the shoot, looking quite dapper, and very sexy, in his hat and plaid shirt.

When I got got my first apartment, I wallpapered the entire space in a dark plaid very much like Patrick's shirt. Everyone complained how dark it was, but I felt so cozy, surrounded by the warmth of the dark plaid. I was only in that apartment for a few months before moving, and my landlord agreed to let me out of the lease, if I got rid of the wallpaper before I moved.

Peeling off that wallpaper was one of the worst things I ever had to do, it took hours. I wasn't nearly as fun as seeing the plaid on, and then peeled, from Patrick's beautiful body. I remember heaps of wet ripped wallpaper in the middle of my living room, then forcing it into garbage bags before throwing it out. I loved my plaid, at least for the short while it surrounded me.

You can check out more of Patrick, in, and mostly out, of plain on Suntown's ONLYFANS site HERE:

All Consuming: Chris by Brenton Parry

'The Double Edged sword of Exhibitionism and Hiding at the same time.'

As most FH readers, I have long admired Brenton Parry's blog, (Aussielicious) his photography, and of course his habit of posting naked images of himself, especially while on one of his adventurous vacations. Brenton's photography is always colorful and creative, and to steal the tile of last exhibition, often tribal, with his use of costume, props and body and face paint. His latest is work however, is some of his most overtly sexual work to date, something that even took Brenton a little by surprise...

According to Brenton, it can sometimes be a struggle to find models in Sydney who will shoot full frontal. Despite the sun and sand, most seem to want to keep their speedos, tightly around their waist. So.. what to do, what to do, when you're latest idea involves something, requiring a model who can rise to the occasion.

'I don't usually have the opportunity to explore the erotic realm. Chris who is an escort and has also done some porn, had no qualms at all walking around with an erection and was almost constantly masturbating to keep it. He even said that when he was a teenager he'd walk around doing that in front of his friends all the time.'

Remaining professional is always a priority for Brenton, but finding himself shooting a model who spent his time masturbating between takes, was something completely new for him. It made it a bit easier given Chris really enjoys being watched, but it made for a very interesting shoot! Brenton's experience working with Chris has made him curious about pushing harder to find models open to the many creative ideas he would love to explore. The conflict Brenton experienced during creative process clearly only enhanced the final images, something seen an appreciated by QAMA Magazine.

The magazine's vision is to create a space which not only highlights opposing social and political issues, through art and prose, but also the human condition. Brenton's work with Chris is a beautiful example of theme, and one of the reasons his work not only appears inside, but on the cover. Be sure to check out more of Brenton's work, and much more of Chris in the premiere issue. The magazine is free, and can be viewed, and downloaded HERE:

Monday, August 14, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 15th

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Happy Birthday today August 15th

Happy 45th to actor Ben Affleck!

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Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Carry On

Clinton Washington: Black & Blue

One of my favorite voices, from The Voice. Clinton Washington has a voice that cuts right through me, and although I haven't loved all of his song choices the last year or so, Black & Blue is dramatically powerful and uses beautifully utilizes Clinton's vocal talents.

Richard Rothstein: Nick's Riverside Run

'Running, the human body's most raw form of freedom.'

When I first discovered the work of photographer Richard Rothstein six years ago, it was his Manhattan Men that grabbed my attention. Richard's Manhattan men are just not shot in Manhattan, they're shot along with it. Richard's urban safari doesn't just journey throughout Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx to see the sites, Richard's goal is to create them.

There is something incredibly erotic, and slightly dangerous about shooting naked men in public places. This risk and excitement is embedded in each one of Richard images. When it comes to public places, I don't think there could possibly be a more public location to shoot, than on the streets of New York.

Throughout his hundreds of shoots throughout Manhattan, Richard has encountered his fair share of obstacles, spectators and even a couple of run-ins with the police. Richard shared some of his experiences in a 2014 interview on FH HERE:

In the winter months, Richard is forced inside a bit more. Not that he hasn't shot his fair share of men in cold temperatures and in the snow, but it is a bit more of a challenge asking a model to strip down, and run naked along the Hudson on a frigid January morning. But, it's summer, so the heat and humidity were an excuse, not an obstacle for Nick to strip down for his run along the Hudson.

I love this shoot for many reasons, not the least of which is how amazingly hot Nick looks running, both towards, and away from Richard's lens. I also like how it harks back to some of those first images that had me fall in love with Richard's work. You have to get up pretty early to catch Richard at work, and to find a naked Nick running and jumping along the Hudson. But... the next time I'm in NYC, I will be setting my alarm for 5a.m, getting up, and heading down by the river.

In addition to his art, I also consider Richard a bit of poet. Each time I ask him for a few words, he always returns something not only unexpected, but insightful and thought provoking. When I asked about his Riverside Run with Nick, the heat burned from every word. When I finished Richard's few sentences, I had to stand in front of the fan to cool myself down.

'For me, deep summer is intensely masculine, powerful, energetic and richly beautiful. Summer is about heat, obviously, but that heat is much more than a couple of digits on a thermometer; it’s about how we feel, sensuality, sexuality, a raw and humid eroticism that stirs our souls. And most certainly our libidos.'

'Nick barreling across the riverbank, catapulting himself into the warm summer air, stretching and straining his muscles generates a unique visual beauty a man with a camera can feast on.'

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 13th

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Happy Birthday today August 13th

Happy 35th to actor Sebastian Stan!

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StudioMGphotography: Anton's Warehouse Attire

Last week I featured StudioMGphotography's new photo book, Anton's Three Day Weekend. The images I used for the story spotlighted Anton dancing in his vintage navy uniform and his naked gymnastics on the beach. Anton's weekend wasn't just fun and frolic however, the heat began to rise, (as did Anton) when the shoot moved inside the abandoned warehouse, where Anton worked up a sweat on the stack of old mattresses left in the building.

Anton's California weekended ended in the shower, (more on that later...) where he not only cleaned up after his hard day, but he also shaved off all of his sexy fur, beautifully on display in these two shots. Mark had asked Anton not to shave before the shoot, but after the last snap was taken, Anton was eager to again shave off his body hair! So glad Mark managed to get so many great shots of Anton before it was all swirled down the drain in Mark and Mike's shower.